Pivotal Cloud Foundry

Pivotal CloudFoundry

Cloud Native
Cloud Native describes the patterns of high performing organizations delivering software faster, consistently and reliably at scale.

Cloud Services
PAAS  Platform As A Service
IAAS   Infrastructure As A Service
SAAS  Software As A Service

The below URL give you better understanding SAAS, PASS and IAAS.

This is the sample application which is running in CloudFoundry
http://webclouding.cfapps.io/    [This is trail version and will expiry in 22 days 🙁 ] 

We will have a quick and simple configuration to run sample application in CloudFoundry. 

Please use the below URL to create your pivotal profile with 2GB space.The Pivotal CloudFoundry give you free trial version for 60 days.

1. Create sample Dynamic web project.
2. Create application war.
3. To install the Cloud Foundry command line interface, please download it from https://github.com/cloudfoundry/cli#downloads and follow the instructions for your operating system, also you can download from pivotal site once logged in.
4. In this example I am using below path for CF and my application war.
CF Path  : C:/AbdulJeilani/CloudFoundry
WAR path : C:/AbdulJeilani/CloudFoundry/apps

5. Open command prompt and go to your cf.exe location.
6. cf config –locale en_US

7. cf buildpacks
8. cf login -a https://api.run.pivotal.io
Email> abdul.professional@gmail.com
Password> ********

9. cf push -p C:/AbdulJeilani/CloudFoundry/apps/your_war_name.war webclouding
10. check your application status using this command cf app webclouding

Now your application ready in CloudFoundry